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Close friends, family members, and the Boyfriend–especially the Boyfriend–know that I have a problem.  I like to think myself as strong willed, determined, with a good head on my shoulders. But this good head on my shoulders has an off switch when it comes to books, particularly when a chance comes to acquire books.

I’m not sure how to explain it.  I’m a sucker for those Sale bins at stores and book stores alike that hold nothing but the books nobody liked for a few dollars.  MUST BUY TWO.  Used books at Hastings… for a dollar with the purchase of one other book? SEVEN.  My school particularly likes putting unwanted textbooks on a table with a sign reading, “Free.”  Mostly textbooks about college help for reading and writing, a few on applied calculus, and some poetry pamphlets.  I know I took at least twenty.

This. . . habit is also inclusive to the digital world.  When I received my Kindle, my first course of action was to visit Amazon’s Kindle/ebook store and download every possible book that was free and sounded remotely interesting.  It didn’t matter if I would never read a glossary on the insect world or certain fairy tales of the Sanskrit, this was a vast pool of information and fiction that I could own!

And that’s another problem I face.  There is a large percentage of books that I pinch that I do intend to read.  Books that like to stack themselves into large piles in my room and trip unsuspecting passersby.  However, I lack a certain will to read.  Starting my senior year of high school, I just haven’t read that much, which is a real shame because I enjoy reading.  The process has become similar to writing.  My exhausting life has left little to no time or energy to pursue such interests.  So often, I am forced between reading or writing.  And it’s hard to find time to do that between working, sleeping, schooling, studying, laundry, eating, driving, sleeping again, napping.  I’m forced to choose and unfortunately, the essentials of life get in the way.


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Many a time, as a self-proclaimed writer, I am most unfortunately plagued with the inability to write. As paradoxical as it appears, this is usually the case and stands to reason behind the ever slow ascent of my current word count (which has in fact not changed since I have previously logged here). The explanation behind this is my lack of available time to squander on what is lamentably still considered as a mere hobby. And impractical, according to the Boyfriend, for the impending zombie invasion-slash-apocalypse. No matter how many times I rectify his false assumption as ‘nonsense’, he persists in clinging to his narrow-minded bilge.

That is unrelated, though. As obstinate as he is, the Boyfriend is not the source of my complaining, which will be rightfully attributed to the monotonous throes of ‘real life’. This brutal reality that I speak of often convinces unsuspecting and naive scholars that it is necessary and pertinent to obtain useless degrees in order to sustain oneself. This process requires great sums of money that the government believes you have hidden away in a shoe box buried in your auntie’s backyard. Unfortunately for me, I have no such auntie. I am grateful, however, for the financial aid I’ve miraculously received in order to finance two years of my useless degree. The rest I shall have to earn, working my current part time job that more than likely won’t grant me employment benefits until I turn in my two weeks’ notice to go off and finish the rest of my worthless degree. And gas. That’s expensive as well, particularly since my current mode of transportation remains to be inefficient with fuel.

The point of the above paragraph is to emphasize how desperate I am for money, and since people with money do not normally hire quiet young ladies to sit and do nothing, I find myself going back and forth to my job. This current occupation of mine often requires the cooking of chicken and the slicing of Cajun roast beef.

Anywho, I’m sure any person of limited sanity would understand the necessity for a stable income.  College student, in need of a new vehicle of automation.  I currently work in the deli of a massive corporation.  My average day consists slicing meat and cheese, cooking various types of chicken, bagging, labeling, preparing food trays.  The works.  It’s not a bad job, to say the least.  As of my third week of starting it, I have not yet experienced a rude customer.  (But of course, now that I’ve said something. . .)

All that is to say how, even averaging thirty hours a week for part time, I do not have much time for writing.  Before being a deli sales associate, I was working in child care, watching preschoolers up to fifth graders in after school and summer programs.  That was a rather enjoyable job, something I found very rewarding.  I was quite sad when I had to leave.  (I won’t bore you with the details, but changing jobs was better for me economically, financially, even if difficult emotionally).

With working in the after school program, I did manage to find time between classes and work to squeeze in writing.  Mostly, I would write while I was at work.  Of course, that does sound bad when I put it into writing, to admit that for spare moments of my time I was focused with jotting down a sentence or two instead of keeping a sharp eye on that one boy who always dared jumping off the swings.  It wasn’t much writing, but it was something that slowly accumulated over time.  Then, summer hit and I had about two hours a day to read or write as I pleased while the kids were at nap.  That soon changed when I started working in the deli.  It was one thing to scribble down epic adventures while little children snoozed.  It’s another thing entirely to do so when you’re constantly on your feet, sporting plastic gloves and a hair net.  There is no time for it.  And if there is, pulling out a notebook in the middle of the deli would not necessarily make a good impression.  So I save it for break or lunch if I am not previously engaged elsewhere.

I’ll be starting a summer class in July (don’t ask me when because the date escapes me).  Thus, robbing me of any more spare time that could be spent on writing down my current novel project.  It is odd to think that it is during the summer, when students are supposed to be enjoying a break that I have little to no time for writing.

I am persistent.  I will keep writing and I will finish.  Point in case—it’s taken me forever to finish this just one blog and I’m pretty sure I’ve managed at least five hundred words on the current project in that time.  Forever here means the time span of about five days.

Also, since I seem to be making a habit of certain things, have a video starring Jessie Cave and Evanna Lynch in Jessie Cave’s fictional series, Bookworm.  The Potterer.

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So I finally had the urge to add the first bit of content to this blog I’ve created. If
you’re wondering, supposing that you the audience is actually a being that is capable of wonder, what the purpose of this website is, well then the answer is relatively simple. However, I will be attempting to make it sound much more fancier than it probably is.

If you’ve come this far and still do not know yet, I am a writer. In the words of Paul Bettany via A Knight’s Tale, “A writer. I write.” Simple enough, it seems. Anyone else who also likes taking up the pen for a pastime will know the innate craving a writer has for being published, and not only that but also being famous and a literary hit. Whether or not that unlikely dream will hold true yet, I’ve made this blog of mine a first initiative to gain a presence on the Internet, should I decide to self publish e-books or what. Whatnot. I haven’t decided. I’m rather indecisive, as many who know me would quickly attest to.

I’m currently at a standstill on what else to add here. I suppose the easiest answer would be to either ramble on about myself, my current projects and other stuff that I find boring at the moment. You know what I do not find boring at the moment? Reading, but I’ve no reading material with me currently, so the next obvious answer would be to play video games. Still, I’m sure that would be rather boring to talk about.

Things about me. . . Stuff about me. . .Details. I do not want to be too personal. At this moment, my favorite word is “suppose”. (The placement of quotation marks versus period is British, mind you. I find it to be much neater). The only reason I’m writing this now is because there was something else I wanted to blog about and it wouldn’t be appropriate to put things here without an official first post. I very much enjoy the board games Stratego and Monopoly, but only if I win. I’m a sore loser, but I’ve improved since I was a child. I often tell familiars, acquaintances, and total strangers that I’m allergic to vegetables. This is not true. This is simply my excuse so I don’t have to explain ad nauseum about how much of a picky eater I am. I’m sure it irritates the Boyfriends’s mother to no end. However, I am allergic to oranges, even though I quite enjoy orange juice and orange flavored things. This is a prime example in which synthetic foods and food flavors are useful, but I don’t have much of an opinion on the subject.

I used to work with children and now I work with meat, and no, that is not a joke on cannibalism. I’ve had a romantic interest in the Boyfriend for over three and a half years. I’m currently majoring in English but I am seriously considering changing that so I don’t have to take two more semesters of French. But enough on that. You probably want to know more about my writing.

My current project that I desperately want published is currently past 30k words, and I’ve been working on it semi-steadily since February. That’s good for me. I won’t go into much detail on it because I’m insanely paranoid some malicious spambot will happen by and steal everything.

I’m pushing six hundred words here so I’m taking that as a sign to quit. If there’s anything that you nonexistent readers are fiercely curious about that concerns me, feel free to consult the About Me page. Or comment. As a general disclaimer, I may or may not respond. As should already be evident, this website is still in its immaturity. I plan to add things or develop this in the future. Mayhaps. I also procrastinate.

Since I never really discussed anything particularly meaningful, here’s an article I will share that I’ve not yet decided if I agree or disagree with it. Click here for “15 Stock Characters”

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