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So I finally had the urge to add the first bit of content to this blog I’ve created. If
you’re wondering, supposing that you the audience is actually a being that is capable of wonder, what the purpose of this website is, well then the answer is relatively simple. However, I will be attempting to make it sound much more fancier than it probably is.

If you’ve come this far and still do not know yet, I am a writer. In the words of Paul Bettany via A Knight’s Tale, “A writer. I write.” Simple enough, it seems. Anyone else who also likes taking up the pen for a pastime will know the innate craving a writer has for being published, and not only that but also being famous and a literary hit. Whether or not that unlikely dream will hold true yet, I’ve made this blog of mine a first initiative to gain a presence on the Internet, should I decide to self publish e-books or what. Whatnot. I haven’t decided. I’m rather indecisive, as many who know me would quickly attest to.

I’m currently at a standstill on what else to add here. I suppose the easiest answer would be to either ramble on about myself, my current projects and other stuff that I find boring at the moment. You know what I do not find boring at the moment? Reading, but I’ve no reading material with me currently, so the next obvious answer would be to play video games. Still, I’m sure that would be rather boring to talk about.

Things about me. . . Stuff about me. . .Details. I do not want to be too personal. At this moment, my favorite word is “suppose”. (The placement of quotation marks versus period is British, mind you. I find it to be much neater). The only reason I’m writing this now is because there was something else I wanted to blog about and it wouldn’t be appropriate to put things here without an official first post. I very much enjoy the board games Stratego and Monopoly, but only if I win. I’m a sore loser, but I’ve improved since I was a child. I often tell familiars, acquaintances, and total strangers that I’m allergic to vegetables. This is not true. This is simply my excuse so I don’t have to explain ad nauseum about how much of a picky eater I am. I’m sure it irritates the Boyfriends’s mother to no end. However, I am allergic to oranges, even though I quite enjoy orange juice and orange flavored things. This is a prime example in which synthetic foods and food flavors are useful, but I don’t have much of an opinion on the subject.

I used to work with children and now I work with meat, and no, that is not a joke on cannibalism. I’ve had a romantic interest in the Boyfriend for over three and a half years. I’m currently majoring in English but I am seriously considering changing that so I don’t have to take two more semesters of French. But enough on that. You probably want to know more about my writing.

My current project that I desperately want published is currently past 30k words, and I’ve been working on it semi-steadily since February. That’s good for me. I won’t go into much detail on it because I’m insanely paranoid some malicious spambot will happen by and steal everything.

I’m pushing six hundred words here so I’m taking that as a sign to quit. If there’s anything that you nonexistent readers are fiercely curious about that concerns me, feel free to consult the About Me page. Or comment. As a general disclaimer, I may or may not respond. As should already be evident, this website is still in its immaturity. I plan to add things or develop this in the future. Mayhaps. I also procrastinate.

Since I never really discussed anything particularly meaningful, here’s an article I will share that I’ve not yet decided if I agree or disagree with it. Click here for “15 Stock Characters”


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